Autorclone on Colab - Shared Folder to TD Transfer (750GB Limit Bypass) - Video Tutorial

Hi guys, I wanted to share a small video tutorial i found

With this you can basically copy from shared folder to TD bypassing the 750GB limit.

I won’t be explaining anything since everything is mentioned in the video tutorial.

Video tutorial:-

Colab Notebook Link:-

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For those who may find the Chinese Language too difficult to understand, I have gone through the stress of translating it. AutoRClone | Bypass Google 750GB Limit

Credits: @FlashyFlash


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Please Help me. I dont what goes wrong. i am getting this error.

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Getting this now. what to do.

Uploaded the .json file already. but don’t know what’s goin wrong.

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You forgot to input the Service Account ID(which is “to” in your case) apparently. You need to input “1” to start from first SA.