Automate your Torrent Downloads with Jackett

Hi guys,

Ever wondered if u could automate ur Torrent Downloads and never miss out on a episode then this wonderful tool called Jackett is for you.

You can deploy it anywhere and even on heroku

You need to run it 24/7 so it continuosly updates for you…so deployment on heroku is really useful since we dont have our localmachines on 24/7.

Deployment on heroku is easy…just once click deploy

Go to this repo and click Deploy thats it

After you deploy it u will get something like this
This is my deployment

Should be used only for demo purpose

I will take it down after a while

Now I will tell you how to use it

The best part of jackett is that u can get the rss feed of shows or release groups you want

for eg.

This link i got from my jackett app only gives out rss feed for Flash 1080p x264 Ntb

Now as to how to make this kind of link its very easy

  1. Click on the indexers corresponding Copy RSS Feed button and paste it into the URL field of the RSS client.
  2. You can adjust the q (search string) and cat (categories) arguments accordingly. E.g. …&cat=2030,2040&q=big+buck+bunny will search for “big buck bunny” in the Movies/SD (2030) and Movies/HD (2040) categories (See the indexer configuration for available categories).

You can customize for your own purpose just add search term after the link copied that is after q= then add each word of yor filter with plus in between
in my example filter is the+flash+s07+1080p+x264+Ntb

another example is

This one gives out feed for black clover golumpa release on

Now once u get this kind of link u need to know how to use this kind of RSS feed
Now there are many options

You can add it directly to your torrent client RSS feed as set it to auto download

Here I have added and as you can see it will only provide me the RSS Feed for my filter i added that is black clover golumpa release

Make sure your torrent client supports RSS Feed

If you dont see anything after adding ur RSS Feed go to settings RSS there shd be a option that says “Show all articles” Click that

after thats come back to RSS feed and updat eit it shd show results

Another way is to add ur RSS feed to any RSS telegram bot
like @rss2tg_bot
It will provide you with magnet or torrent file link as soon as a new sho is added for the filter u added in ur rss feed
for eg i will get it as soon as new ep 152 is released by golumpa on

This way u never miss out on a release

You can also deploy your own bot

Go to repo and click deploy and enter ur chat id and bot token

Refer this on how on how to get chat id and bot token

Hope u guys enjoyed my guide :slight_smile:


Hi, Thanks for the guide.
I need to add those generated rss links again and again in qbittorrent from colab.
is there any way to use “feeds.json” file created by qbittorrent enhanced edition permanently
or any other efficient way to use those rss feeds in colab?

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colab will always reset bro
and i hv no idea abt the json file you mentioned bro

Just like We can change/modify “qBittorrent.conf” from “RLabClone” in GitHub repo to change settings of qbittorrent, can we add json file created for rss?
We can generate this json file from qbittorrent windows. Just want to know if there is a way to add to GitHub to support qbittorrent in colab, so that I don’t have to add that feed everytime I run that in colab. It would make life more simple.

ya i searched and maybe this can help u
it mentions how to create feed.json

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Hi most of the indexers are not working now,
I see Jackett version is changed, any way to update jackett?

ya i saw…but its not jacketts fault,many indexers like 1337x put captcha to prevent jackett
no solution to this problem as of now


Thanks… I found a workaround. I deleted that app and deployed again with same name, Now Jekett is updated to latest version. This way I can keep jekett updated to latest version.
Indexer down is from Jakett side, that can’t be controlled from our side.

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