Automate Crypto Rolls On All Faucet Sites! Bypass Trick!

I am using a script to collect free cryptocurrency from 45+ crypto sites every hour automatically since a few days and its working great for me so i thought of sharing it with you guys . it also bypasses hcaptcha on those sites


  1. Pc or RDP

  2. Chrome or Firefox or any chromium based browser

  3. A working brain

Installing the script :

  1. Install tampermonkey extension for running the scripts [Download link]

  2. Install autoclaim and hcaptcha bypasser userscripts [Hcaptcha bypasser install link] || [autoclaim faucets script install link]

Setting up the script :

First of all you need to open this link in a new tab then you will see a dashboard with a list of faucet sites like this:


author of script has included his refferal links to the faucet sites in the dashboard but you can sign up without those links if you want or just login to your existing accounts on faucet sites you want to automate rolls

After signing up / logging into the desired faucet sites click the edit icon and select sites you want to automate rolls on and hit save button :


Now just leave this tab open on your browser and it will automatically collect free rolls for you !

Happy learning!


Thanks for the bypass trick. Can you also share the 45+ crypto sites?

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I found the site or, but there’s no registration other than a place to enter your wallet addresses to. I think you have to first login to all your accounts. I don’t know, I’m trying it out now.

plz share 45 sites

Yes, Works well. just checked with cardano. ill check the remaining too…

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Yes, Works well. just checked with CF Rolls (You can login manually or you can add it in “Edit Config”).
Bagi and Keran gives me some errors.

i need some info regarding “Adding addresses to Bagi and Keran websites Automatically”. (Even though im adding manually, it says LOGIN_ERROR).

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LOL I just shared the site with these faucets

i did not work for me, i have got the login, updated wallet addr , still no result
can you explain in video how to you use it?
i have tried but all 45 site need login in order to work

for cf rolls you better login manually.
click wallets to add faucetpay addresses only for ok websites (not for cf rolls).
cf rolls and ok websites are working fine.
make sure your data connection fast and processing power is good for pc. other wise its lags in time a lot.

keran and bagi not working because of cloudflare.

Friendly Websites