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I don’t really know but, what is the difference between multi platform and cross-platform? I read in many websites, both have same meaning, and they build with language that work in different devices. Is it true?

(in my opinion though, multi platfrom is app that work with many platfrom but with different codebase like one using C# other using Java and cross platform is work with many platfrom but with same codebase like flutter, but correct me if I wrong)

what about I make application like application for web using JavaScript and mobile like using java and make both platform interact using API, is that count as multi or cross app, perhaps other type?
Please help share your knowledges, as simple as this, but it really helpful for me, thank you

you can try flutter by google.

sorry if my question not good enough, what I want to know is what is difference between multi and cross platform or is it same?

Can an app with different codebase like amazon web (node.js) and amazon mobile (swift) can be considered either multiplatform or crossplatform

No framework is bad for application development until and unless you know what framework fulfills your requirements at its best level.

Android officially supports app development using thier native app development using Java programming language but further they moved on to Kotlin programming language for android app development similarly iOS used Objective C as thier native application development but further they moved towards Swift for iOS application development

Modern hybrid native framework such as react native , flutter and xamarin are trending right now out of which I would personally recommend learning react native as this particular framework has a huge library so that every function which you would like to implement for development of application will be present in this framework.

Flutter will require some time as the supporting community is growing and not quite huge as compared to react native , lastly Xamarin framework utilizes C# programming language which has a very low supporting community.

It’s your choice choose the best framework whichever suits your requirement for application development.

P.S - There are tons of features in react native.

Speaking on the user’s side, there’s really not much difference between multi-platform and cross-platform.

But on the developer’s side, cross-platform means that the developer can write a code for many platforms. For example, the original code is written in C#, but can be compiled later on so that it can run on android, web, or iOS. One good example of this is the Unity Engine.

On the other side, multi-platform means that the written code itself can run on many platforms. One example of this is Javascript, where it can run basically on many platform like browser, android, iOS, windows, etc.

TL;DR: Cross-platform code needs to be built to run on many platform, multi-platform code doesn’t, the code itself can run on many platform


That a very easy explanation I can get, even after searching anywhere, thank you
So if I build application e-commerce to each device with their native language, with each have its own code, i.e. in desktop I am using C# and in android I am using Java, that mean that apps doesn’t have multi-platform built in right?

You Can develop both mobile platform and web platform with C#. But if you are starting with programming i suggest go for java.

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If you want to build a cross-platform application that works on pc, web, android, desktop, iOS all at the same time, then you should definitely try Flutter.

Cross-platforming is running the same application at the same time on different level of platforms.

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Yes, both at the same time.

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Yeah but I am not comfortable enough in C# beside in desktop development, so I prefer for mobile using kotlin and web using react, Although there are react native, I am still fairly new with react and dont want to risk using react native yet.
So all in all, I cant say my application a multiplatfrom yet as both even have different programming language built, it just available in many device

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