Armitage | Fast & Easy Hacking


Table of content:

  1. About Armitage Before we begin…
  2. Getting Started How to get any woman to talk to you
  3. User Interface Tour So many pretty screenshots
  4. Host Management You’ve got to find them to hack them.
  5. Exploitation This is the fun stuff
  6. Post-Exploitation This is the really fun stuff
  7. Maneuver Getting around the network and on to more targets
  8. Team Metasploit This is cyber attack management!
  9. Scripting Armitage The next step…
  10. About Armitage
  11. 11 What is Armitage??

Armitage is a scriptable red team collaboration tool for Metasploit that visualizes targets, recommends exploits, and exposes the advanced post-exploitation features in the framework. Through one Metasploit instance, your team will:

  • Use the same sessions
  • Share hosts, captured data, and downloaded files
  • Communicate through a shared event log.
  • Run bots to automate red team tasks.

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