Are you my Mentor?

I will give it a try with this question because I feel that it is right. :boom:
and perhaps you will find a new friend. (upgrade for social circle)

I am looking for a mentor who will show me ways how to earn decent income.

Your transferable skills can make a difference in my life :hamster:
and I am open to become an devotee if happiness on both sides occurs.

What you get? Lifetime % from my success. (devotee)


  1. teach me, show me, watch my growth (MY attitude is important, skills are always learnable)
  2. take your reward based on my results and agreed % (partnership means family = trust)
    The truth always wins in the long term run - I want only legit and legal challenges.
    At least open the doors to your heart and let this conversation begins - who knows the future? :innocent:


I am crypto friendly :facepunch: :sunglasses:

Looking forward to meet you soon! :cherries:


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