Apple Leaked Internal Tool 2021

Apple Internal Tool Leaked 2021

A new, previously undocumented version of HomeDiagnostics - 18B86.

  • Fully compatible with the latest release of MacOS BigSur
  • New version of Astris and PurpleRestore 3
  • New apps (i.e AtlasUI, AtlasRecordsUI, etc)

TOOL NAME : HomeDiagnostic

Download Link : homediagnostic.pkg



What does it do??

you can reprogram iphone & watch even can change modify many things like wifi, mac address, etc and even reboot iphone to hidden diagnose mode


can we unlock i cloud actvation lock??? or is there any tool for it?

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Yes. Will be soon posting guide on it. You can register your locked iCloud device and then unlock it with tool and you can use as fresh but it supports 5 to x and for 11 to 12 there is only office clean service is available


Nice, come in handy. will test it out. More stuffs like this. :grin:

waiting for it mate.


waiting for it <3

waiting for it bro

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Wow, this is a really nice share…waiting for your next post about Unlock iCloud Activation Lock…:heart::slightly_smiling_face:

waiting for it.

share more stuff like this. appreciated. :heart_eyes:

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thanks for the upload not supported on m1 macbook unless im doing somthing wrong

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