Apple Launches First-Generation College Student Mentorship Program

Apple this month announced a new [email protected] mentorship program that’s designed for first-generation college students, with the program set to launch in early 2021. From a report:

According to a PDF describing [email protected], it is aimed at first-generation college freshmen and sophomores who are majoring in finance, mathematics, economics, business, data analytics, and accounting. It matches college students one-on-one with Apple mentors who are able to provide resources for learning and opportunities for professional growth, with the possibility of job shadowing, paid externships, and paid internships. Apple has not publicly announced [email protected], and it’s not entirely clear how the word is being spread. MyHealthyApple shared details this morning, and last week, a LinkedIn post highlighted the program. Ahead of when Launch begins in early 2021, Apple is accepting applications from students with a wide range of GPAs.

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