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Not tested.

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Has anyone used this method and can vouch for it?

I am scared making a payment at purse with a script running in the background, since I am not adept enough to understand what’s going on, I can use some help or reassurance. thank you!


Right, wait for a vouch before making any payment! :+1:


in my opinion use little bit money.if its work.then gor for what you want.

buy one or two dollar price item.if refunds.then hurray.

Have to buy something for $10 or I would spend a couple of dollars. I did try it anyway and it did not refund the coins as in the guide so I can vouch that it doesn’t work. I read the script and it seemed safe and the website was ok but the guide itself isn’t working so there you go :smiley:

bro don’t use this method this is a scam the script to install on your pc via temper monkey helps the hacker to remove the address of bitcoin of purse and add the hacker address all the money is going in the hacker address plz don’t do this otherwise you lost your money
i my self lost 5$


Thanks for informing :+1:

I DON’T vouch for this, as I never tried myself, only thing i can do to help the community is to share the virustotal scan of the PDF file (not the script mentionned, I don’t want to use it):

the pdf file is clean, use the script at your own risk!


Lying about it doesn’t help anyone. As I said, you must buy something for $10 or more to start. The script doesn’t download anything nor is it downloaded to your pc. The script doesn’t have a redirect so it isn’t sent somewhere else after the order and purse even confirmed the order of BTC. Everything else said, it doesn’t work.