Anyone knows How to bypass these Annoying Ads on Website

Hey there,

Anyone know how to bypass these annoying ad. I posted a screenshot below:

Now a days many websites use this and detect adblocker. My adons used to work but seems not working anymore. I’ve already installed uBlock Origin when it couldn’t stop it
I tried Adblock ultimate and Ghostery
But site still detects ad blocker is installed and shows this huge popup!

Anyone knows how to get rid of this?
Thanks in advance!

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Sometimes i use the element picker ublock origin has. or i disable javascript completely for the website. it doesnt work all the time but in some cases it works

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I use AdGuard, one of the best popup blockers. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.


ublock origin with nano defender


excellent, for me it is one of the best, it has worked quite well for me.

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I actually disable the js to make it work for me (I usually do this) but sometimes I had to enable js for some reason so trying to fix it once and for all. BTW I use FF and already tried element picker, doesn’t work in this case
this is the site

Other user mentioned AdGuard which I already tried way long back.

Nano defender was pretty good hope for me, I installed it

But it couldn’t defuse the anti-adblock. Could you please try at your end. I mentioned site name above this post.

Thanks in advance!

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remove/ disable ublock origin, download/ add as extension nano Adblocker and nano defender pro, will work. tried on

Not working

it works for me, I wonder if you did the extra steps of nano defender needed for ublock