Anyone help me to get best video editor

Hey, anyone help me to tell what is best video editor in pc and how to use it. Tell me if it is freely available and unlock all features.

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If you don’t care about illegal stuff or pirated software, you can start to learn Adobe Premiere Pro + After Effects. You can find lots of tutorial on YouTube.

If you want free and legal software, you can use Davinci Resolve. But there are some restriction for free version.

If you want free, legal, and full version, you can use KdenLive. A powerfull and opensource video editor.


You can get vegas movie edit and vegas pro for around 30$ at the moment on humblebundle.

Good to start with and alot of functions.

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Right now, the best video editors would be Da Vinci Resolve or the Adobe suite (After effects and Premiere pro).

There is also Sony Vegas Pro, but if you are going to learn one program from scratch, I would say go for the adobe ones since more resources are available.

It will all depend on what you actually want to do. If it is something simple, then Filmora can do the job.

Use flexclip, It is Free Online Video Editing App

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