Any domain extension $15 for 10 years | PM me

Got myself a new domain. And very happy for his service. He is a genius !

Attached the proof :

I am interested too

contact me at my telegram

woooww … very interesting

contact me on my tele gram

Im interested

I’m interested.

Interested. can you provide the service for dot com domains?

My only concern is registrar. Which registrar is this? If it’s shitty, no name registrar, it can fuck you up.

I’m interested.

Hi, I am interested to buy few domains plz. Do you renew existing domains by the way?? thanks

im intrested.

I’m interested

I’m interested… Already sent you a message on telegram but you didn’t reply.

I’m interested

For the last two days, I’m messaging and there’s no reply from @themask on Telegram. Are you still offering this or have no more?

I am also waiting for his reply. Hope that he provides legit service.

Yesterday he said that today he would register my domain. Today he said:
“Please be patient where my place is on fire the transformer station they will replace tomorrow morning.
I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We hope you sympathize with me.”

I would advise everyone not to buy for now. I do not know if he is legit or not.

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