Ant Download manager not working when connected to VPN

Ant download manager / IDM not working when connected to VPN, please help if anyone knows it.

Just checked out their documentantion, it seems a while a VPN connection offers some advantages, sometimes it has some backdraws: For if the download/service

  1. does not allow the use of a VPN.
  2. has geographical protection.

in both cases the download won’t run.

Also are you using a VPN extension or the actual setup? If using an extension then it means that extension is controlling the proxy setting thus you need to change the same proxy setting in Ant / IDM manager to use the same proxy, otherwise if its a setup shouldn’t be an issue since all traffic is tunneling to a VPN server.

So you need to correct the proxy setting or rather use an full setup rather than VPN proxy extension

Try FDM instead