Anonymous and Safety while cashing out - CCs?

Hey people, having these queries:

  1. So, people say to use RDP, Socks5, antidetect for hacking and getting CCs, right? But what about using the cards only, like u bought them and cashing out? Same precaution measures?

  2. What’s more effective - change mac address + antidetect + socks5 or change mac address + firefox + socks5?

  3. What works best for leaving not even a TINY trace when cashing out CCs, PayPal transfers? CC to BTC/Gift card or and Is PayPal transfers safe?

How do the carders not get caught while some biggest carders like that russian got busted as well as some other big ones while other people keeping on carding for years never gets busted?

  1. If you mean cashing out physical dump cards, then it’s riskier, but I would say quick cash, no gateway finding headache, simply fool the cameras and switch the ATM locations after each cashout.

  2. The more tools you use, the more secure you will be; if you use all the possible available tools, you’re giving priority to your security, which is good!

  3. Cashing out CC via BTC is always safe, whereas PayPal is more headache… either your payment will be flagged, or account gets on hold! So CC to BTC is much better if you have the working way!

  4. Most of the Russian carders get busted because they try to get big; they make market places and sell multiple stuff on their platform, and the one who just card stuff or cashout becomes selfless person keeps their security at a low pace and gets busted!

A professional carder will always give first priority to his security. They never use the stuff they card, like smartphones, PlayStations, or any material that can be traced easily! Carder with this behavior have a lesser chance to get busted!