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Strike from the cyber-shadows. Introducing “System Override”. A high-tech theme for your stream graphics. Design inspired by hacker culture and the Watch Dogs universe. A corrupted look combining digital networks and underworld grunge. All the essential overlays for streamers on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Customize your pack colors — choose from light and dark mode, then pick from three preset color options: blue, green and red. Or, go fully-custom by adjusting color hues.

Set unique channel goals and rewards for your viewers using the widget inside! Customize text and colors — all using our built-in editor within OBS or Streamlabs. Choose a height and width; the goal widget will dynamically adjust to fit your dimensions.

Personalize your alerts — select text and colors within Streamlabs or StreamElements. Alert sound effects included. Comes with “One-Click” setup, which lets you load up and tweak alerts in seconds.

Want to create your own stream screens? All titles are easily editable with Photoshop. Includes a .overlay file for Streamlabs, making it super easy to set up scene collections.

Also comes with a cyberwar stinger transition in multiple colors, plus sound effects.

Package includes: overlays, alerts, goal widget, screens, stinger transitions, icons, Twitch panels, social profile art and bonus soundtrack (OST). Comes with original Photoshop design files for advanced customizations — plus setup guide for easy installation on your favorite OBS software.

Package Contains:

  • Alerts
  • Icons
  • Overlays (Light and Dark versions)
  • Screens
  • Profile Art
  • One-Click Setups (StreamElements and Streamlabs)
  • 7 Colorful Stream Transitions (Animated Only)
  • 79 Panels (Light and Dark versions)
  • Design files for customization
  • Soundtrack and SFX (Animated Only)

Compatible With:

  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • …and more!

Download Method:

Go To Base64 & Decode The Hash To Generate The Link


NOTE: Backup the content, as many of you can, to keep the content alive!


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