Android phone tracking.

Please can someone recommend the best and viable way to track android phones incase of theft. Any tried and workable solution will be highly appreciated. To be prescise, my phone is Samsung Galaxy A21s. You can also post a link the site I can get more help.

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My father lost two phones in past few months ------ vivo v15 and nokia 3.1+… pls suggest a way------tried tracking using my gmail account but didn’t worked

Google provides feature for finding lost phone, but the phone must have an internet connection for that

All android devs. have a security pre-built feature, somewhat like @Apple you can use that(And. device manager)

That’s my problem, is their any app that can track phone even if their is no internet connection?

@Havok But You can ring the phone without internet

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as far as I know if the cellphone is not connected to the internet it will be difficult to find it …
but you can try to look at the associated google account activity log, where is the last one …