Android Games Are Coming To Windows PCs In 2022

Google is bringing Android games from Google Play to Windows laptops, PCs, and tablets, the company announced on Thursday. Gizmodo reports:

Google announced a standalone Google Play Games launcher that lets gamers play mobile titles on Windows PCs at The Game Show Awards on Thursday. The upcoming app will allow players to close out of their game on one device and resume playing where they left off on another. This means you could switch between a Chromebook, Windows PC, and Android phone without losing saved data. The app, which is being built and distributed by Google, runs games locally on your system, no cloud streaming required. So far, Google has only teased the service in a brief video clip, so some important details haven’t been revealed. We do, however, know it is set to arrive sometime in 2022.


Finally, this looks promising same as Windows 11…
but I wouldn’t mind rollover to Windows 11 from 10, so, this launcher will definitely be handy for Windows 10 lovers :heart:

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