An Introduction To Proxies | Noob Guide

This is intended for people who are very new to this and have no clue about proxies


What is a proxy server? A proxy server is essentially a private version of a VPN, VPNs often track what you search and it can be used against you. Proxies have thousands of uses but some on this site will include: Changing your location for botting specific area locations, SE-ing from a different country/area, ordering country specific items, stopping yourself getting ddos’d by an angry member that hates Nulled for no reason, Checking accounts, and much more.

How to use a Proxy

There are lots of different ways to connect to a proxy and it depends on the operating system you run. If its windows you can either use the inbuilt proxy connector or find one that is better suited to the task which you take on (Like a proxy switcher or manager). Proxies can be bought from sites, or for free (are always bad and suck). Here is a website I use for buying proxies: else, you search in the forum to get maximum of free Proxies & resources. Here

Tools you can use for things related to proxies:

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert I just thought this could help some people out still confused by what a proxy is.

Happy learning!


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