AMD Launches 3 Second-Gen Epyc Processors With 50% Lower Cost of Ownership


Advanced Micro Devices said it is adding three new 2nd-Gen AMD Epyc server processors that can deliver up to 50% lower cost of ownership than rival Intel Xeon processors. From a report:

*The chips are part of AMD’s attempt to grab technology leadership away from Intel, which has long dominated the server chip market. AMD has had an advantage lately with its high-performance Zen 2 cores designed to handle database, high-performance computing, and hyper-converged infrastructure workloads, Dan McNamara, senior vice president at AMD’s server business unit, said in a press briefing.

The three new processors are the AMD Epyc 7F32 (with 8 computing cores), Epyc 7F52 (16 cores) and EPYC 7F72 (24 cores). They have up to 500MHz of additional base frequency and large amounts of cache memory. AMD said the design gives Epyc the world’s highest per-core performance x86 server central-processing unit. The previous chips in the second generation of Epyc processors debuted in the third quarter of 2019. […] The 7F32 is priced at $2,100, the 7F52 at $3,100, and the 7F72 at $2,450.*