Amazon TBA In Transit Trick ⭐

This is confirmed to be working for USA & CA only for now don’t know if this will work for other countries (You can test tho)

Step 1: Order your stuff using the fastest shipping which means TBA so shipped by AMAZON
Step 2: Wait for your stuff to get shipped and right after your stuff got shipped CANCEL the order manually from the order details
Step 3: After you canceled the order go to Live Chat and ask them what’s going on you didn’t do anything
Step 4: Live chat guy will offer you a refund or replacement most of the time take the replacement
Step 5 : After this you are basically done just wait for your “replacement” to get delivered and your canceled order will get refunded automatically.


can you please provide screenshots that this method still works today?

cool i was wondering how far this could go…if the order delivered does not have a pic they dpnt ask questions eitr