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I would be cautious on the ‘Empty Box’ method for warehouse items. Amazon has new A.I. scanners/scales that will help minimize the possibility of empty boxes. Keep that in mind. New Amazon trucks will also be having scales in their trucks.

Private sellers, most of whom use USPS, FEDEX, etc, will most likely be a better target, however, most of these guys are starting to actually film themselves packing boxes for proof of shipping, so, it’s anybody’s guess.

Another little word of warning is package location tracking may become a thing in the near future. Having a P.O. Box, or an abandoned home to pick up from, may be a better (yet risky) way to get your packages.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, pick a location you pass through daily. Show up to the place from time to time and clean up, and straighten up. If there’s no mailbox, find one :wink: Once you have the abandoned place looking like it’s under renovation, then you could start making deliveries. Start small, like mailers and free subscriptions coming to the house. Some people would go as far as getting the electricity and utilities turned on in their name. Having the regular mail people get used to the idea of having a new house to deliver to. You get the idea. It’s like squatting. If you ever get into trouble with the owner, well, that’s another tale to tell LOL

Alls I’m saying, wait till DEC 26th to make those refunds, and go big boi. :sunglasses: