All About Phishing | Ultimate Guide

Many books are available on the market about Hacking, Phishing, Penetration testing, but they are all written in ethical way. In this book we will go in all the ethical and non-ethical ways. We include all the phishing related information. We will provide you the related resources of phishing and we will provide all other tools here and teach you how to use them!

Let’s start with some basic information. What is phishing? We define it as the practice of sending e-mails that appear to be from reputable sources with the goal of influencing or gaining personal information (passwords , bank logins etc.). It combines social engineering and technical trickery (we will cover this later). It could involve an attachment within the e-mail that loads malware (malicious software) onto your computer. It could also be a link (we use mainly link) to an illegitimate website. These websites can trick you into handing over your personal information.

Furthermore spear phishing is a very targeted form of this activity. Attackers take the time to conduct research into targets and create messages that are personal and relevant.

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