Airgorah | A WiFi Auditing Software That Can Perform Deauth Attacks And Passwords Cracking


A WiFi auditing software that can perform deauth attacks and passwords cracking

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Airgorah is a WiFi auditing software that can discover the clients connected to an access point, perform deauthentication attacks against specific clients, capture WPA handshakes, and crack the password of the access point.

It is written in Rust and uses GTK4 for the graphical part. The software is mainly based on aircrack-ng tools suite.

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:warning: Airgorah is designed to be used in testing and discovering flaws in networks you are owner of. Performing attacks on WiFi networks you are not owner of is illegal in almost all countries. I am not responsible for whatever damage you may cause by using this software.


This software only works on linux and requires root privileges to run.

You will also need a wireless network card that supports monitor mode and packet injection.


The installation instructions are available here.


The documentation about the usage of the application is available here.


This project is released under MIT license.


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