Add linux distro to windows boot loader?

Is there any way to add boot option for linux distro in windows boot loader (aka metro loader)? UEFI, GPT, each system on it’s own hdd. I can’t convert to Legacy BIOS, because my bios does not support it.

Things that I tried so far:
– Searching with various search engines and forums
– Editing boot loader with bcdedit
– Stackoverflow

Don’t want to use other boot loaders like grub, clover, etc, because windows update has tendency to F things up.

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Have you tried ?

Follow this to know the process.
Let me know if it helps.

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Did try it, did not work.

I think the best option is to use Grub, coz windows boot loader will not load linux.

You mean dual boot? wsl 2 is good tbh you may give it a try

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are you trying to install hackintosh ??
if yes then please make sure check your laptop compatibility…

as for other distors you wont need legacy BIos , UEFI is good

if you want a boot manager like WIndows which shows which operating system you want to run( you should use dual boot)
try manjaro LInux bcz when i installed its sufficiently gave me choosing boot- option.

rest disable secure boot option

Sorry: for your question i dont understand what you wanted to know if there should be any SCreenshot it should be easy to give solution

I’m Trying to dual boot Windows 10 and Kali Linux. Here is the image…

KALI linux wont support Dual boot (It has some bootloader issue since past version)
if you want to use kali linux and your laptop has 8gb ram use Virtualbox…

or if you want just linux and want to feel dual boot use Ubuntu / Manjaro and install propely follow this link how to properly dual boot :

NOTE: Kali linux not a Normal Using OS its built For Security Purpose and it has some Driver issue always either Wifi adapter or either sound adapter,
and kali 2020 single booting will take almost 2hr and if anything goes wrong you will be debarred for rest 6hr for problem solving…

IDEA: if you want to learn pentesting using kali linux try to use It in Virtualbox bcz virtual box will make your inbuilt wifi card as a LAN port and you will be connected 24hrs to the network while you can use external wifi adapter to use it for sniffing purpose… and if any issue happen your primary OS wont get harmed at all…

Linux: if you want to feel only Linux and want to switch From win to linux, go with POP os! / linuxmint/Manjaro they are best stable, bloatfree, and better than ubuntu.

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The thing I’m considering right now is to install kali via MS store and use it with GUI via wsl2.
No need for Vbox or any type of vm.

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I can’t really say if you can dual boot Linux form a windows PC, but I stumbled upon this and this it might be the help you needed. Just check out the link


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but still there will always be issue like usb adater , wifii adapter and most of time you need to follow hit&Trial method to choose upon adapter … most of time its success sometime its scratching head. :wink:

and for your question yes you can dool boot approx every linux but you have to be little caution in installation procedure. or either you will wipe your harddrive or remove Windows efi pertition

if it working than its good cz i never used it kali from MS store.

may be it will be same as ubuntu which gives you Gui but you have to Give poweruser to linux bashshell…

and sorry if i m Wrong Kali in MS store is outdated version and after installion may be you wont get all the tool which comes with Kali Linux Xfce Version… (Its just assumption dont know about surety)

Edit: still i think VBOX is better Option than Kali Gui from MS store