AD Space Details

It is $30 per month for x1 clickable banner slot layer at Topic above suggested AD Space

Topic above suggested ad will look better for desktop users.

Sample Website


$20 per month for x1 text clickable hyper link based slot layer at Post bottom.

Post bottom ad will look better for mobile users.

For future re-booking, it is up to you! If you don’t wish to continue for the following month, you must tell us before a week of the ending period to fit other advertisers in your slot layer.

Post bottom & Topic above suggested location. Your ad will be displayed on every post of 1Hack.

  • Mode of payment PayPal only!

Note: For shop link or any product listing as an AD, you have to be very careful!

If caught defrauding the 1Hackers, then we have full rights to cancel the agreement anytime.

How to book ad slot?

  • First, let us know what you’re going to advertise with your desire link you want to promote.

Then, PM @TheJoker or email at [email protected] with your PayPal email address to raise an invoice for you to pay.

Once you pay, provide a jpeg banner or a gif with a 728 width x 90 height, along with your website or product link, and your ad will be live within mins.

Please get in touch with our advertisement manager UnZanZun she’ll help you with your queries for a quick chat.

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