Ad-free Spotify windows app (100% Working)


This Spotify trick shall work 100% if you follow the following steps since I have been using this for about almost a year now and haven’t faced any issue at all. Even though this method looks similar to another method recently posted by another user on the forum, trust me it is different because the setup is different.


  1. If a version of Spotify is already installed, uninstall it first.
  2. Disconnect your internet.
  3. Install the setup
    (but don’t open Spotify app right after the setup is finished to prevent updating)
  4. Run downgrade.bat as admin
    (This will not downgrade the Spotify because the Spotify you installed is already downgraded. But it will block the auto-updater in Spotify)
  5. Run Install.bat as admin to finally make it ad-free.
  6. Connect your internet and enjoy. And let me know if it worked for you.

Thanks to the BlocktheSpot project by master131 on Github who provided the downgrade.bat and install.bat.

I only arranged the offline Spotify setup since the online setup recommended by the mentioned Github project doesn’t get downgraded anymore with downgrade.bat.

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