ACH/TRANSFER | Bank Refund Method


  • Internet
  • Your Drop
  • Bank Logs

1- Put on your laptop and set up your RDP using Mozilla Firefox, I prefer Mozilla
Firefox because it’s what I’ve been using now for the past 5 years without any
error or problem. (Or Use A good vpn like 911)

NOTE that RDP is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft, which provides a
user with a graphical interface to connect to another computer over a network
connection. The user employs RDP client software for this purpose, while the
other computer must run RDP server software. It will connect you with any
computer that is located in other country. We use it to stay anonymous and for
safety. In one word you will use someone’s pc to run ACH instead of your own.

2- Enter the bank website of the log that you bought or hack, for instance, you
bought Wells Fargo login, you have to go to Wells Fargo bank website to be able
to login to the bank log that you bought. And go through the account history and
to also confirm the balance, with that you will know the amount you re moving
from your bank log to the client bank details.

3- After successfully logging in your bank log, look for transfer, it is usually at the
top of the bank account interface depending on the bank log, click on it and select
transfer to other bank. Under this pls look for “Add External Bank” and click on it.
Pls note that this instructions may differ because there are over 100 banks in the
USA but I’m 100% sure there are similarities that will lead you to what you are
about to do.

4- After clicking on Add External Bank it will load and take you to where you will
be able to enter the client bank account details, you will only be asked to enter 3
things which are:

(a) Bank Routine number
(b) Bank Account number
(c) Nickname

NOTE-’ some banks may ask you to add client name address date of birth last 4
digit of ssn and in fact some might even ask you to validate either email or phone
number just make sure you follow the instructions to add the external account

If its successful, you will get the funds within 24 hours.