A way to find of source by using magnet link

Hello fellow members,

I wanted to ask if you guys know how to find the source of the torrent by using magnet link.
If you know plz help me
Thank you

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A magnet consists of several parts:

  • magnet: (This is the magnet link identifier)
  • ?xt=urn:btih: (Defines a Bittorrent Info Hash, the Edonkey identifier would for instance look like this xt=urn:ed2k:)
  • 5dee65101db281ac9c46344cd6b175cdcad52425 (The content hash) (Infohash, Hash)
  • &dn=name (The name of the file)

Simply search in Google with the torrent InfoHash, it’s called Hash.

Example: you got the magnet link and not sure where it was published, so simply use the hash from the magnet link and search, Like this Remember, many sites use an index system, a torrent will automatically get indexed on their sites, and nowadays almost every uploader spread their torrents on multiple sites.

How To Get Torrent Hash From Torrent Client:

  • Run torrent in the torrent client and Click > General > See the > Hash > Copy that code and paste into Google’s search bar.

And I believe, you can’t get the source name from the magnet link, it has nothing to do with the source, torrents get created via torrent client or seedboxes, yes you can see the source name until unless the OP added the text-link into the folder’s title, or put the site link in the comment section while creating a torrent, else nowadays most of the uploaders provides the link of the main source if they upload anything on their websites and just spread the torrents on torrent sites, See the example above that way you get the name of the source where it was first found.

You must read the Guidance on what actually Torrenting is, how does it works, Public tracker and private, it’s a peer to peer tracker system, you can get the source name via Private tracker, the name must be mentioned inside the tracker. but for public trackers, you can’t get the source names who own the content or published very first.

else you can see the date/time difference to know who has uploaded the torrent first by visiting torrent sites when you search them via hash, also, remember, a single torrent’s content might have 5 different resources from where it gets ripped, means 5 different uploaders uploaded the same content, but that doesn’t mean they are dumping the same file, anyway, there is much more to mention, different categories, different content, publisher, scene groups, re-presenters, etc! but it will confuse you, so let me finish it here. considering your question, I have solved it, Good luck and happy learning!

NOTE: If is there anything further you would like to ask? Feel free and PM me.


Thanks Chief for helping me and finding content & torrent source for me