A Telegram Bot Written In Python | Google Drive Uploader Bot

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Google Drive Uploader Bot

It Was my first Python Project And behind this Whole credit goes To CyberBoySumanjay

Inspired By Sumanjay Bot :smiley: Google Drive Uploader

Here Is Live Version Of Bot Gdriveupme_bot

Update (30 May 2020)

  • Teamdrive Support added

Teamdrive is not for users You have to hardcode it , Wait for V2 bot This Bot don't have active development I will add User Specfic Teamdrive option

How can You Add Teamdrive

  • Replace TEAMDRIVE_FOLDER_ID and TEAMDRIVE_ID in creds.py

What Is this ?

  A Telegram Bot Written In Python 

what can it do ?

It Can Upload Your Direct and Supported links into Google Drive.

Install Module

  sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run This bot

python3 bot.py

How Can We use It

  • First authorise Bot Using /auth command Generate a Key and send it To bot .
  • Now You can Send Supported Link To Bot.

Avalible Commands

  • /start = Start Message
  • /auth = Authorise You
  • /revoke = Delete Your Saved credential
  • /help = help Text

Supported Links :

  • Direct Link
  • Mega.nz Link
  • openload link (not avalibe anymore)
  • Dropbox Link


  • Google Drive api Credential (Others type) Required
  • Telegram Bot Token (Using BotFather) Required
  • Openload ftp login and Key optional
  • Mega Email and Password Optional

If You wanna Change Openload Api and Mega Email Password You Can Change it From Given Path

  • Mega => Plugins > TEXT.py
  • Openload => Plugins > dlopenload.py

Setup Your Own Bot

1. Create Your  [Google Drive api Credential](https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/credentials) (other type) and Download  Its json

2. Paste it In Bot Root Directroy  and Rename it "client_secrets.json"

3. Replace Your Bot Token in  [creds.py file](./creds.py)

4. Your Bot is Ready to Host. 

You Can Use Heroku To host It.

Make sure You have Changed Your Bot Token and google client api Before Hosting It

My Hidden Thanks To :heart:


  • Rename file while uploading
  • Adding Telegram File Support [ slow Download :frowning: ]
  • Add Youtube-dl
  • Fix openload support
  • Adding zippyshare , Mediafire , cloud mail , Yandex disk ,Sourceforge {these are already written In PPE plugin you can use these from there}
  • Google Drive Direct Link Generator


  • GPLv3

Full Tutorial:


Nice share bro.

Thanks for sharing the EduTechTainMent YouTube video guide on hosting Google drive upload bot on heroku.


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Good work bro!

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