A Massive List Of Link Generators | Mega List ⭐


My favorites:

http://www.gigaleecher.com/, Turbobit, Uptobox, 1Fichier, Oboom, Datafile, Uploadhero, 4shared

GenLinkPre http://generatorlinkpremium.com/[*****] - Rapidshare, FileFactory, Crocko, Uploaded, Rapidgator, Filepost, Netload, Uploading, Mega.co.nz, Ryushare, Uptobox, Megashares, Bitshare, Extabit, 1Fichier, Upstore, Datafile and many more!

Svt http://www.svgetlink.com/[*****] - Bitshare, Uploaded, Mediafire, Depositfiles, Putlocker, Ryushare, Netload, Letitbit.

Click on the “Get Link Host Name” links in the menu on the right.

Reference http://referencemega.com/[*****] - 1Fichier, Uploaded, FireDrive, Rapidshare, Rapidgator, Uptobox, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Youtube.

Premiumleech.eu [****] - Rapidgator, Uploaded, Turbobit, Letitbit.

Hungryleech.com [****] - DepositFiles, Rapidgator, Bitshare, Uploadcloud.

Doktortesisat http://leech.kosifcenter.net/[*****] - Filesmonster, Wipfiles. # No password, just click submit.

Premiumgeneratorlink.com http://premiumgeneratorlink.com/[*****] - Uploaded.

Hyper http://hyperspeeds.com/[*****] - BillionUploads, Ryushare, Rapidshare, Rapidgator, Depositfiles, Uploaded, Uploadhero, Filefactory, Extabit, Bitshare, Turbobit and some more!

Modalive http://modalive.tk/[*****] - 1st-Files, 4Shared, Bayfiles, Bitshare, Crocko, Cloudzer, Extabit, Filestoragepro, Filemonsters, Lumfile, Mediafire, Netload, Novefile, Rapidgator, Rapidshare, Sendspace, Turbobit, Uploadbaz, Uploaded, Wipfiles. # Password: “modalive” or “lazenes” (without the quotes).

Alaric http://alaric.zz.mu/get/[*****] - 1Fichier, Uploaded, Rapidgator, Turbobit, Bitshare, Freakshare, Netload, Filepost, Ryushare, Share-Online, Mega.co.nz, Letitbit, Filefactory, Cloudzer, Extabit, Hugefiles, SecureUpload, ShareFlare, Rapidshare, Speeyshare and many more!
#select one option - “Dedicado” or “Real Debrid” or whatever there is (each one have different file-host support.

Viet http://www.vietget.net/[****] - 1Fichier, 1st-Files, 2Shared, 4Shared, Albafile, AsFile, Bayfiles, Bitshare, Catshare, Crocko, Cloadzer, Datafile, Extabit, Filefactory, Filepost, Gigasize, Fileflyer, Upstore, Freakshare, Luckyshare, MediaFire, Netload, PutLocker, Rapidgator, Sendspace, Uploaded, Uploadstation, Uploading, Uptobox and a lot more!!

This service is limited to 1 download per day for free user, so just register to bypass this limit (registration is free).

Hub http://www.hubturkey.net/[****] - Netload, Uploaded, Letitbit, Turbobit, Putlocker, Rapidgator, Extabit, 2Shared, 4Shared, Bitshare, Fastsonic, FifeFactory, Filepost, Mediafire, Rapidshare, Ryushare, Turbobit, ShareFlare, Uploading, Uptobox.

Select between the servers each one have different file-host support.

SpeedPremium http://speedpremium.info/[****] - 4Shared, Rapidshare, Bitshare, Crocko, Extabit, Filefactory, Filepost, Filesmonster, Sendspace, Uploaded, Youtube, Rapidgator, Putlocker.

Preemlinks http://preemlinks.co…rator.php[****]- Bitshare, Extabit, Dizzcloud, Filefactory, Lumfile, Megashares, Putlocker, Uploaded, Netload, Rapidgator, Uptobox.

Rapidebrideur http://rapidebrideur.com/[****] - 1Fichier, Bayfiles, Bitshare, Depositfiles, Letitbit, Mediafire, Mixturecloud, Purevid, Putlocker, Rapidgator, Turbobit, Youtube, Uploaded, Uploadhero, Uptobox, Rapidshare, Dailymotion, Sockshare.

UltraLeech http://www.ultraleec…ing-web-hosting[****] - Turbobit, Netload, Megashares, Crocko, Uploaded, Uploading, Filepost, Rapidgator and some more!

7ml http://www.7ml.biz/down.php?lang=en[****] - 4Shared, Bitshare, Crocko, Datafile, Extabit, Freakshare, JumboFiles, Letitbit, Depositfiles, Filefactory, Filepost, Keep2Share, Mega.co.nz, Megashares, Netload, Rapidgator, Uploading, Uploaded, Uptobox, Rarefile, Turbobit, Upstore.

LeechBB http://www.leechbb.com/en[****] - Rapidgator, Uploaded, Extabit, Netload, Bitshare, Filecloud, Fshare, Lumfile and more!

Mega http://www.megaleech.us/[****] - Rapidshare, Netload, Uploaded, Filefactory, Extabit and Megashares.

this service doesn’t support download accelerators.

Tout http://tout-gratuit.be/debrideur/[****] - 1st-Files, 2Shared, 4Shared, Albafile, Uploaded, Bitshare, Crocko, Dailymotion, Dfiles, Dropbox, Egofiles, Filefactory, Fileflyer, Filepost, Filerio, Firedrive, Freakshare, Gigasize, Hipfile, Letitbit, Luckyshare, Megacache, Metacafe. # Click on “get new password” link.

Exrap http://exrapidleech.info/[****] - Fileparadox, 1Fichier, Sendspace, Filepost, Easybytez, Cyberlocker, Uptobox, Lumfile, Pandamemo, Filesflash, Filefactory, Oteupload, Rapidgator, Share-Online, Megashare, Megashares, Uploading, Freakshare, Uploaded, Netload.

Transload http://transload.me/index.php?download[****] - Uploaded, Extabit, Rapidgator, Letitbit, Turbobit, Fileplanet, Shareflare, Vip-File, UniBytez, Netload, Filefactory, Filepost, Novafile.

How to use: put your link in the download box and then click on “Скачать”.

RapidGrab http://www.rapidgrab.pl/[****] - Bitshare.
Grand http://grandfull.tk/Gerador-Free/[****] - Netload, Crocko, 4Shared, Uptobox, Bitshare, Uploaded.

TurboD http://turbodebrid.net/[****] - Turbobit.
Chip http://leech.chippremium.com/[****] - Uploaded, Filefactory, Novafile, DepositFiles, Bitshare, Letitbit, Extabit.

NewRape http://new.rapeit.net/[****] - 1Fichier, 1st-files, 2Shared, 4Shared, Albafile, AllMyVideos, Asfiles, Bayfiles, Bitshare, Cloudzer, CBS, Canalplus, Crocko, Cwtv, Dengee, Divxstage, Dizzcloud, Filesabs, Filebox, Filefactory, Fileflayer, Filerio, Filesmonster, Fileover, Filepost, Dl.free.fr, Freakshare, Filesflash, Filesend, Fileswap, Guifup, Gigapeta, Gigasize, HugeFiles, Hulkshare, Hipfile, Hulu, FileCloud, Depfile, Jumbofiles, Justin.tv, Lumfile, Letitbit, Load.to, Mega.co.nz, MediaFire, Megashares, Moveshare, Mixturevideo, Nowdownload, Netload, Novamove, Putlocker, Purevid, Rapidgator, Rapidshare, Rutube, Soundcloud, Scribd, Sharefiles, Shareflare, Slingfile, Sockshare, sky.fm, Share-Online, Speedyshare, Sendspace, Turbobit, Tusfiles, Unibytes, Uploadhero, Uploading, Uploaded, Uptobox, Vip-file, Vimeo, Veevr, Wat.tv, Yunfile, Zippyshare.

Light http://www.lightoram…c/…/index.php[****] - Simply-Debrid, Rapidgator, Gigasize, Ryushare!

Password: “[email protected]” (without the quotes).

Debrid http://www.debrid.us/[****] - Uploaded.

How to use: put your link in the box and click on “GENERATE”, then wait 10 seconds until a new “GENERATE” button will show up, after that wait 10 more seconds to see the converted link.

Simply http://www.simply-pr…om/download.php[****] - 1st-Files, 4Shared, Bayfiles, Bitshare, Crocko, Cloudzer, Extabit, Filestoragepro, Filemonsters, Lumfile, Mediafire, Netload, Novefile, Rapidgator, Rapidshare, Sendspace, Turbobit, Uploadbaz, Uploaded, Wipfiles and many more.

Comopremium.com.ar [***] - Rapidshare, 4Shared, Bitshare, Crocko, DepositFiles, Extabit, Filefactory, Filepost, Netload, Rapidgator, Freakshare, Megashare, Megashares, Jumbofiles, PutLocker, Sendspace, Lumfile, Filevelocity, Uploaded, Youtube.

How to use: double click on the purple button/text ad in the pop-up window and wait to the countdown timer.

GD http://giga-down.net/debrideurs.php[*****] - Uptobox, FilePost, Cloudzer, Mediafire, Rapidgator, Uploaded, 1Fichier, 4Shared, Netload, Filefactory.

after you have loged in, wait 60 seconds and then you’ll see the download box.

Cokluin http://cokluindir.com/reg.php[*****] - Uploaded, 1Fichier, 4Shared, 2Shared, Filepost, DepFile, Uploaded, Rapidgator, Filefactory, Extabit, Bitshare, Hotfile, Turbobit, Putlocker, Netload, Share-online, Lumfile, Freakshare, Ryushare, Uploading, Uptobox, Zippyshare and many more!

TR http://fulldown.tk/[****] - Netload, Uploaded, Rapidgator, Uptobox, Filepost, Turbobit, Letitbit, Filefactory.

Filebit http://filebit.pl/[****] - Catshare, Egofiles, Freakshare, Letitbit, Rapidgator, Shareflare, Turbobit.

Other GREAT link generators:


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Nice list, thank you abd appreciate :+1:

Thanks @WhiteHat Will surely come in handy.

Now ive had chance to go through them, like someone mentioned in the comments hardly any of them work. Alot of them are extremely old and no longer exist.

Thank you, but I wasn’t able to get any of these to work.

thanks bro. this might come in handy in the future

Wow, awesoem work!

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