A Developer's Guide to . NET in Azure

Develop cloud-native applications using serverless technologies, Azure services, and .NET with the help of this reference guide

Key Features

Create cloud-native .NET applications using cutting-edge technologies

Design, develop, and deploy scalable, manageable, and resilient apps with various Azure services

Explore serverless architecture and optimize application scalability through efficient design

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Book Description

A Developer’s Guide to .NET in Azure helps you embark on a transformative journey through Microsoft Azure that is tailored to .NET developers. This book is a curated compendium that’ll enable you to master the creation of resilient, scalable, and highly available applications.

The book is divided into four parts, with Part 1 demystifying Azure for you and emphasizing the portal’s utility and seamless integration. The chapters in this section help you configure your workspace for optimal Azure synergy. You’ll then move on to Part 2, where you’ll explore serverless computing, microservices, containerization, Dapr, and Azure Kubernetes Service for scalability, and build pragmatic, cost-effective applications using Azure Functions and Container apps. Part 3 delves into data and storage, showing you how to utilize Azure Blob Storage for unstructured data, Azure SQL Database for structured data, and Azure Cosmos DB for document-oriented data. The final part teaches you about messaging and security, utilizing Azure App Configuration, Event Hubs, Service Bus, Key Vault, and Azure AD B2C for robust, secure applications.

By the end of this book, you’ll have mastered Azure’s responsive infrastructure for exceptional applications.

What you will learn

Discover how to create serverless apps and services

Design microservices with Azure Kubernetes service

Get to grips with different Azure databases and storage services

Find out how to use secret and configuration management

Familiarize yourself with event-driven architecture

Understand how to leverage Azure Service Bus and Azure Event Hubs

Find out how to protect APIs and apps using Azure B2C

Who this book is for

This book is for .NET developers and architects who are eager to master the art of creating and deploying robust applications using .NET and Azure. A foundational understanding of .NET and Azure will enable you to enhance your skills with this resourceful guide. Developers aspiring to explore the realms of microservices and serverless applications within the .NET and Azure landscapes will find this book invaluable.

Table of Contents

Setting Up Your Development Environment

Creating Docker Containers on Azure

Building Resilient Applications with Dapr

Designing Microservices with AKS and Containers in Azure

Building Serverless Apps with Azure Functions and Container Apps

Exploring Azure Blob Storage

Creating an Azure SQL Database

Creating Documents via .NET for Azure Cosmos DB

Utilizing Azure App Configuration

Processing Data with Azure Event Hubs

Designing Ready-Made Solutions with Azure Service Bus

Enhancing Data Protection with Azure Key Vault

Managing Access with Azure Active Directory B2C

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