A Basic Guide For Cracking | Beginners Friendly


  1. Tools and Applications

  2. Proxies

  3. Combos and How to make them

  4. How to use the Cracker

1. Tools:

» Storm 2.6 -

» SlayerLeecher 0.6

» Proxychecker/Scraper

2. Proxies:

Get Proxies

» First download the Proxychecker/Scraper

» Open the Checker and wait for it to load then press 2 and enter

» Wait for the Application to scrape proxies

» You should have a bunch of proxies now

» You can also go to a free proxy website or search here.

Check Proxies

» If you did the process above to get the proxies then there should be a process to check them.

» First it will ask for timeout I would recommend 3000-5000 ms for accurate checks

» For threads, Slow internet 50-100 Medium Internet 250-300 Fast internet 500+

» Press 1,2,3 depending on the type of proxy your checking

» If you want to check from ProxyScrape press 1 if you already scraped proxies or you have your own proxies press 2.

» Depending on what you choose it will ask if you want to support the site press y for yes and n for no its up to you.

» All the working proxies should be in a folder now in the** proxyscraper **directory

3. Combos

How to get Combos

» You can get combos for free (Low Quality/Hits)

» You can buy combos (Higher Quality/Hit likelihood)

» You can make your own custom Combos.

How to make Combos

» Not the most HQ method but it works.

» Download SlayerLeecher

» For Keywords make up a bunch of random words that got something to do with what you want to crack. Ex(Spotify Premium, Spotify Account, Spotify Family, etc)

» Press the Start button I usually press stop at the 5k-10k Results

» Filter and Grab then press Pass to Leecher

» Usually Email****:Password** **format is what you will use if you’re using a different format change it.

» For proxies, you can use them but the process will be slower.

» I recommend using a VPN as sometimes you get a bunch of connection errors without it.

» Change threads to what you want them to be base on the internet.

» Press start and wait for combos.

» When its finished press Remove Duplicates and Save result.

How to use the cracker:

Very Basic Rundown:

» Press config and load the config you want

» Press on the top left corner and go to combo/proxy

» Load in your combo list and proxies

» Go back to the original section

» Press start and change the thread amount and bot to your liking.

Happy learning!


Great post! Anyone should be able to crack utilizing this guide.