A 29-year-old self-made millionaire who earns $100,000 a month in passive

1. Don’t focus on just one job or venture.

2. Copy your competitors.

3. Quit setting goals.

4. Sell pickaxes to gold miners.

Read more at businessinsider website using the link provided! Must read article!


Inspirational. Thanks @thejoker .

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Thank you @TheJoker can you tall me where i get How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital PDF copy.


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Sharing the pdf version of the book.Thanks one and all.How to Be a Capitalist Without Any Capital by Nathan_Latka.pdf (3.4 MB)


@Wishy_C thanks for this. Benn meditating upon it

This is not a high-quality article and obviously, it’s an AD for his book. Wishy_C posting a link to the book is a good thing though.


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Thank u so so much, dear brother… I’ve been searching for the book for like crazy, but couldn’t even find it in http://gen.lib.rus.ec there…Luckily I entered the thread again (by sheer luck) otherwise I wouldn’t hv any clue that u hv shared it here. Thanks again mate :+1::+1:

An eye opener. Thanks for sharing @TheJoker

Thanks for this share. Do not consider the following as a quick rich scheme or any investment advice as it will take I guess 3-4 more years to bear fruit but IF you can (and if you want) try to do a little research on a particular technology called Chainlink. In short this is the bridge (aka Oracle) between the real world and blockchains. Oracle, Google and SWIFT are already partnered with it. Personally did my research and read extensively, invested also in it as I believe it is going to usher smart contracts. Of course do not risk money which you cannot live without but I seriously believe it can be a life changer in the coming future. If you are asking why I am sharing this, am doing it as a thank you for the sea of material shared in here.


Chainlink in itself should become a topic/post. Would be much appreciated if you can throw some light on how to go about it. I guess, BTC and ETH are the prerequisite for buying anything. Also please talk about the legality and how buying it varies from country to country.

Thanks a lot.

@Wishy_C Yes one has to buy through an exchange such as Binance and Coinbase. I prefer the former due to its low fees and yes again, one has to first change fiat currencies to either Bitcoin or Ethereum to buy other tokens/coins. Chainlink depends upon blockchain adoption and the best info out there is in literature (even in this group which have been shared by SaM) related to both blockchain and smart contracts. There of course is its whitepaper. The project has been evolving back from 2011. Legally there is nothing to fear, nothing is illegal. The only drawback in cryptos imo is that imagine you make $100k profits and change them to fiat, the government will take out 35% as capital gains tax… yes it sucks (unless you find a way to circumvent the situation). There are sellers who accept cryptos as a form of payment which could be used for instance to buy real estate, however for that you need to do the research into your country where you want to invest in property. This project is of interest as there is no shilling and hype in it. The team is awesome really working quietly and delivering. This week starting from tomorrow there might be quite a massive activity in the the prices of alt coins such as Chainlink and expecting also quite some move from Bitcoin itself due to the BAKKT event tomorrow and others events from SWIFT. I am practically all in into Link and a little in Bitcoin. Again I repeat, this is not a quick rich scheme and patience is utmost.

Let’s be frank knowledge is good, having a good job that you like is great (and even certificates are nice in the frames as they give satisfaction) but is there anyone in here who wants to keep on working till pension? The above mentioned post by The Joker triggered in me some emotions of the past. One has to try to make not just profits but if possible a life changing step.

Hope this helps, in case of more questions let me know.


By coincidence price has climbed up remarkably yesterday after Intel and Hyperledger have been announced. Hope you bought before :slight_smile: . Keep them for around 5 years.

Thanks @TheJoker for the post and @Aikon for your insightful post.

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