⭐ {99% OFF} Google Workspace ON YOUR DOMAIN with Admin Account Starting from 20$ - One Time Payment for Forever!

So i was looking for something like this, but last time i checked no one was offering. Now i have registered Google wordspace account this month with my domain.
Can i still buy this?
how will that work?
Also, if after 1 year or so, you didn’t renewed, can i transfer all my emails and details and purchase from Google itself? Will that work?

  1. Yepp You can Still buy this
  2. You Will have to remove your domain from your current Google Workspace wait 12 Hours then Provide me with the Domain name to add to My Workspace
  3. Yepp you will be able to transfer to your personal Workspace at any point of time
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Give me 2-3 days. I will sort few things on my end on workspace and get in contact with you for this. I need $20 package.

Can we connect through mobile no?

Nope Sorry… 1 Hacks Works well, Alternatively Telegram or Mail Works too

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Onehack is best! Will contact you

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I have my own domain name Legacy account and I would like to add secondary Domain name (Not Alias)
Can you do that please ?
I would like to contact you for long term business … I would like to work with you …
How can I contact you ? Please PM me with all details ASAP.

Best Rgerds,

Your domain will be added as a Secondary Domain in my Google Workspace.

I am sorry But I don’t know and I don’t wanna deal with your legacy Account as a long time ago stopped the Secondary domain system.

If you want Google Workspace on your domain then you are free to drop me a PM, Your domain will be added as a Secondary on my Google Workspace.

Hey @Blaken, How will this work if I don’t have a website? Do I need to buy a domain first?

Yepp you will need to have a domain.

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@Blaken this is me. Kindly PM me. My old account is blocked.

send me payment details (indian payment details)

share your telegram id

Check your PM

Purchased second account! It was delivered within 10 mins. Deal went like butter! It was at the speed o light :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is this offer still available?

@SaM Lock this Thread, please.

Google Products Are Unreliable to sell…

Fuckup from one wilL Cost to Everyone…So, Won’t Sell this anymore to anyone…

For the Current Buyers… Enjoy the awesome Perks at an Amazing Cost.

fewer people lesser chance for a ban, Also Monitoring this GSUITE very closely for everyone… A simple Slipup and you will be Banned

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