🤩 $9.99 Only | DataCamp 3 Months Account | Instant Access | Unlimited Courses and Projects

Hello, 1Hackers, I’m Zohaib, I’m giving DataCamp 3 months subscription accounts. Unlimited courses, projects, and online sessions/events.

THE ACTUAL PRICE is $33.25/m

Payment method: Only Skrill
If you are from Pakistan payment can be done via Easypaisa

What’s Included in the subscription?

  • Unlimited Quality Courses
  • Unlimited Career Track
  • Unlimited Skill Track
  • Unlimited guided/unguided projects
  • and more…

:white_check_mark: Note that the account will not have an existing email.
:white_check_mark: Renewal is Possible (50% OFF). :raised_hands:

Let me know if anyone’s interested. Simply Personal Message me or reply below and I’ll message you.


Can I get it in my personal email ?

yes of course,

And, I hope this is not a cracked account because, its possible to change email in a cracked datacamp account. And, so the account won’t last long.

these are not cracked. :slight_smile: 100% orignal. Need your email to activate the account.

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100% vouch for this guy. Complete Genuine and legit. Thanks :grinning::star_struck:.

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Thank you.

One can use datacamp for 2 months for free through my.visualstudio.com/Benefits visualstudio benefits, there are many free things also available like pluralsight, linkedin learning and more, rinse and repeat with new id



Is this account still available?

Thank you for your good suggestion, I am using the free two months, thank you once again :slight_smile:

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pm me please

Thanks bud :heart: do you use reddit…?

Yes I use Reddit, Though datacamp benefits have shifted to github student developer pack

is this deal still open?

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