$8 Malwarebytes Premium ✅ 1 device 1 Year Validity Auto-Renewal Keys | PayPal, BHIM / UPI, Paytm, Google Pay, Bitcoin

$8 Malwarebytes Premium 1 Device + 1 Year Validity Auto-Renewal Keys

Our keys are not like any other shitt :face_vomiting: blocky or non updatable lifetime keys that gives error notification on applying. :x:

Key will be 100% legit, just like any other normally purchased key from the official website. :white_check_mark:

Provided key will have either below 60 or above auto-renewal days status & it will auto-renew on its own after every set status period, so you don’t have to worry, as it will be valid for 1 Year! :heavy_check_mark:

What you will receive from us!

A key! :grin:


Mode of payment




Google Pay


Refund Policy

  • If you get stuck, no problem! We here to solve your problem, if we fail, we will refund you.

Note: We never resell the same key to anyone, because 1 Device Limit on every key, It is not possible for us to resell it. :woozy_face:


Hi Mr.Brilliant, I want to order but I cant send you a PM. Please message me so I can order.

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All members who are asking for payment details who cannot send PM, due to new account, please check your PMs for the payment details!

Note to other buyers - if you are not an new user, then you can PM me @Mr.Brilliant directly, no need to wait for me to send you PM manually!

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do you have it for Mac as well?

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This should work for mac as well! :+1:

please PM me the details.

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worked like a charm, even on a Mac device - definitely recommended!!!

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Please PM me…

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Restocked some more fresh keys!:key: :tada:

Bought 2 keys, one renews after 340 days the other after ~50days (hopefully keeps renewing). Seller recommended. No issues fast response and delivery 10/10


Thanks, worked like a charm!
Very fast delivery.

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can i use the same on my mobile and laptop or buy seperately for each


Pls dm me would like to buy it

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is this stll available?

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Hi. Can I have the payment details please? Thank You.

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Please, pm to me i want one

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Hi Mr. Brilliant, I would like to buy one key. Please let me know how to make the payment.

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Fast delivery. Very happy with the service!

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Thanks you fast delivery

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Price has been updated, due to its hard to crack.

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