70-150$ per day real money no bullshit BTC Faucet

Hi, I have been coming here for a while now, never thought on signup but after reading @TheJoker post made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Giving back time… Also the SOCK5 thing

Not sure if anyone has spotted this in here but I’m making around 80$ per day in autopilot just claiming on a bitcoin faucet + Chrome or Firefox script to do it for me and that’s all

Its simple nothing weird or watching shit ads. you get “Tokens” every hour those coins you can either use it to open boxes and get bitcoin or gamble them they have few games there, personally I don’t waste time in that just autopilot opening boxes and move to my next thing. Your goal is to have 2 accounts running there e.i one in your pc one in your phone preferably not on the same network or if you computer savvy enough you can figure a way to have 3 4 10 faucets running. The key to kill it as to get people referred or “People” referred :wink: they give you bounes depending on the country they are from, you can easily get around it with a craked VPN that’s pretty much it
3 steps

Join in - Claim hourly tokens - Open boxes (If to you chose to gamble go for it but don’t come crying the method doesn’t work) +++ For extra income invite people or you know… an army of bots (I can share my setup if there’s enough interest)

PS: the link is cloaked to avoid spam however is not a short link crap that you have to watch ads
PS1: I didn’t recommend any script to collect automatic due to the fact I don’t write them and im not sure if they are 100% I use them PM me if you want RECOMMENDATION but it would be on your on discretion.

link http://casinobitcoin.online/free using my link will give you 50 coins to get started, You don’t have to but if you join by yourself you get 35 whichever way you choose to join verify your email asap I’ve seen accounts deleted after 24 hours for not verifying.




Thanks plz share your army of bot setup

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Thanks for the share. Can you share your bot setup

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And how can we open boxes on autopilot?

Look’s Scam to me and the Minimum withdrawal is 0.049 :rofl: :clown_face:


Waiting x proof

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have you withdraw? I have also tried and is at 50%. But not 100% sure if it works


can you share your bot army method?

If anyone figured out hot ot get more gems quicker. Pleae letme know.

Its totally fake i am 100% sure after making 5 mins research :smiley:
just search lootbits.io payment proofs in youtube u will get it
1 video for reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCPtFRY3a2w its in hindi/urdu sry for english fellows


I dont know about army but its simple I use this set up (again I didnt make it nor Im not resposable for it)
Firefox (would work for chrome too) and TamperMonkey or greasymonkey plugin
copy and paste the follow script on it then you done it will claim auto of course you need to keep the tab open


Bonouse ansewer if you gonna use firefox you add foxyproxy and run the script and collect in several faucets at the time

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Man it works for me and like said try on your own discretion Im not new in this I make a decent living with faucets and crypto-only sharing as suggested by @TheJoker

Wait few days and let someone who is trying give possitvie feedback

as per the video I didnt undestad what he said but for what I can see he didnt get to the threshold to withdraw something i forgot to mention not sure if is relevant but they payout is higher for some coutries you can check on the refereal tab HQ countries


invalid user script as shown by tamper monkey


This is a pure scam. dont waste your time .


Yeah I’m out to scam everybody here since I have nothing better to do… Did you try by yourself or just quick skimmed throught reddit? if you got scammed by that website please let me know and I would fight for whatever you were owed.

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Seems strange I will give you the 2 im using I have them both on at the same time you can try that way or one at the time
Check if this works. are you on FF or Chrome?


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im using chrome and thanks latest script run.
I think this is not scam it is not easy as it seems going to higher level my bonuses decreases and coins earning is also slow . Lets hope can make some bucks from here.
Have you heard GramFree ?
I am searching if its legit or not ?

this was on nulled(dot)to a few moths ago. i tested it and it is scam
Proof of scam: bitcointalk and trustpilot


Please can you help me about script method i don’t know how to use it i don’t the basic also .

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Apparently the closer you are to that withdrawable amount, the harder it is. Others has marked this as scam. https://www.beermoneyforum.com/threads/lootbits-io-reviews-scam-or-legit.39335/page-3#post-315170