🤩 $7 Only | Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, KWFinder, SpyFu, Grammarly and WordAi for 28 days [PM for buying]

Hello 1Hackers This is Hrishikesh Kumar bringing you an awesome deal exclusively just for OneHackers.

Group Buy Seo Tools Just for $7 for 28 days

Tools: Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, KWFinder, Grammarly, SpyFu, WordAi

7 Popular tools for $7/month

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal or PayTM

PM me if interested in this offer.**

We Provide Access To Most Group Buy Seo tools Without Any Extension.

This is a virtual Service that is why it is Non-Refundable.

Enquire Your Doubts before buying the products.

Steps :
After Ordering Group buys SEO tools, You will Get Your Access Code at your EMAIL or on your PM immediately. Follow The Instructions that Is written Over there.
But Here Is Special Pre-buying Guide For You!

Spyfu, Grammarly Only Require Extension Other’s Don’t.We will send you the download links to your email.

Boom Done.

P.S: Scroll Down To Read Why Should You Choose Our Service!

Sometimes You Won’t be able To Export Some Data of any tools!

Semrush & Ahrefs 25 Domain Searches Per Day.

Moz Unlimited Searches.

Kwfinder 50 Keywords Per Day

WordAi 25000 Words Spinning Per Day

Grammarly Unlimited

Want a Custom Tool? PM me for a custom order.**

Terms And Conditions :

1. Refund Will Be Given If we Fail To Provide the Service.
2. Refund Will Be Given If the Service is Not working for More then 12 Hours.
3. Refund Will Not be Given After 24 Hours Of Completion Of the Service.
4. Refund Will Not be Given If We Caught You Reselling the Group Buy Seo Tools, We Will Ban Immediately
5. Follow Every rule, And You are Good To Go. Thanks For Ordering
6. Never Share Your access Code with any of Your Family or Friend. If Our systems find that You are sharing Instant Ban.

Details :

Provide Your Email Id so that we can Provide You with the Details.

Any issues? PM me here : @Hrishikesh_Kumar


Uptime Up to 95 % For every tool!

Privacy Of Users :

We Believe that Our Customer’s privacy is the essential thing in Our group buy tools.

Because many people will use it and we don’t want our customer’s data gets leaked in any means.

That’s why We have Blocked some features like adding projects in SEO tools, site audit features.

With the Help of Advance Extension, we hide history and other data like Keyword and site Url’s searched by our users.

Our response would help you in every means if something went wrong!

Accepted Payment Methods: PayPal or PayTM

Accessing tools is very simple. An access code will be provided after payment is received. Just enter the access code into the access page: https://supremseo.com/direct.php

For accessing Grammarly & Spyfu, you will need to download 2 plugins/extension for your chrome browser. (Windows/Mac)

Go to the below page and enter your access code and download both Plugins: https://supremseo.com/access.php

For buying, PM me or reply below if interested. Thanks :blush:


Care to mention why a lower price here ? And how come you are banned ? :no_mouth:


Hey! Actually, if you try to go through the reviews of the customers on that thread, everyone seemed to be satisfied and happy with my group buy service. I got banned because a small misunderstanding was created and I didn’t get enough time to resolve the problem and was banned straightaway from CyberDevil. I didn’t cheat anyone there. CYBERDEVIL retired/left the forum today as he was forced to leave from other Babiato Staff. He has banned to many innocent people on that forum and is very rude and ignorant.

The price was dropped from $10 to $5 for a limited time. Here I’m selling for $3 less.

Currently, I have over 120 regular USERS and some of the users are still using the service since 2018. Haven’t got a single bad review or complaint yet.


Some of the reviews from that thread

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Is everything clear now?


Is there a service like that for account in pluralsight for example ?


How much will u charge if I wanna get single ahrefs service?

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Heeeeey!!! Are you the person behind the website https://seotoolsgroupsbuy.com??? I’m using that service. It is good :slight_smile:

Do you have Majestic SEO tool too? Is it included in your $5/month fee?

This is really worth! I really appreciate for putting this awesome service!



What the rate of grammarly unlimited only or you only sell the bundle as is?


Yes, we do have. It’s $3 for single tool.

You’re Welcome :blush:

For Single tool (Grammarly), it’s $3/month. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks :slightly_frowning_face:

Right now, only these 7 tools are available.

Hey, I am interested in this package. Is there any other method of Payment available?

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And can you provide Ahref and SEM Rush only for one year plan ? And for 1 year of both tools how much price should I pay ?

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At the moment, we don’t have a 1 year plan. But we do have a 3 months plan. Afrefs and Semrush for 3 month will be $4 USD/month totalling $12 for 3 months. Right now, only PayPal and PayTM are the supported Payment methods. Let me know if you have more queries.


Honest Feedback :
Just bought the service from @Unrivalled.Choice, and to be honest, service was very quick.
All the services mentioned in the post work pretty fast and seamlessly.
I hope onehackers use this service to their advantage.


Yes man. I am interested. Please send the detail of payment method and the service at [email protected].

I’m really interested to buy this service.

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