$5 O'REILLY Media - Technology & Business Training ๐Ÿ”ฐ One Month Full Subscription | Live Training + O'REILLY Books + Certification Training + Sandbox | Private Accounts + Password Changeable | BHIM/UPI, Google Pay, PhonePe

:beginner: $5 Oโ€™REILLY Media - Technology & Business Training :beginner:


:beginner: 1 Month Full Subscription :beginner:


:beginner: Live ONLINE Training + Oโ€™REILLY Books + Sandbox :beginner:


:beginner: Private Account + Password Changeable :beginner:


:beginner: Certification Training [ CCNA/AWS/RHCSA etc] with PEARSON TEST FREE :beginner:

These are the some of current LIVE TRAINING on this platform



Subscription will be there for One Month on your account

These details we need from you in order to proceed with delivery!

[Please give us your First name + Last name + Email Address]

(Temporary password will be auto-generated & give to youโ€ฆ)

It is required for the buyer to change their temporary password when they first sign in

PM me for Payment details @OddExtension5 as soon as I receive the payment & required details for the account registration we will immediately send you the account credentials.

Mode of payment



Google Pay

Steps to login
just click the below link

Use the given credentials here, thatโ€™s it! :white_check_mark:


These accounts are legit :white_check_mark: Not any kinda cheap, hacked or cracked one! :x:

Things you should not do!

Its your private account, do whatever you want to do, just Fโ€™ing enjoy! :dancing_women: :dancer:

Refund Policy

No refund policy, because these accounts are private.

  • Still if you get stuck, no problem! I am here to solve your problem.

You will get an immediate replacement if the account subscription is not there as mentioned.

Note: You will not get a refund if the account says password changed or incorrect after a successful login period, because it will be your fault, we never resell the same account to anyone, because you already changed the password, how can we resell it?


Vouch Received, very fast :heart:


So apparently this is only for one month. If we wish to continue with the subcriptions (meaning for 6 months of so) how does that work? Thanks

You need to buy the subscriptions!

Currently, I have a One Month offer. Firstly, try for one month.

People can try their 10day Subscription and repeat this with another email.

Yaa, they can but they wonโ€™t be able to join 3 Weeks Training

BTW currently lot of 3 Weeks Training are going on. So, I think this month is vital. Youโ€™ll get a lot of material and live training in one month only.

Later, I will share the trick on how to access those recordings even after your subscription ends.

Yes, they provide recording as well in 48 hours.

The choice is yours!!

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Hi - where do I pay for this? Thanks

Check your PM

Iโ€™m interested. please ping me PM.

Received the account very quickly.

Vouch Received.

Thank you @OddExtension5

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Great service! Very fast and reliable. @OddExtension5 was able to create an account in a jiffy. My provided email had some issue so he created another account for me to make up for the issue. Impressed with his excellent customer service! Highly recommend him! The account is working great and provides access to all the promised courses and books.

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Interested , can you please PM me.

Vouch received, very fast

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Prompt and courteous service. Look forward to improving my skills.

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Hey, Interested Please PM.

Check Your PM

Iโ€™m interested as well

Available ? PM please, thanks

Check Your PM

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