4 Best Useful Apps For Android In 2019

In this post we are going to see about 4 best useful android apps.I have given the download link for these apps.You install these App in your mobile.


  1. You can use this app to download videos,games,software, freely through torrent.
  2. First open this app.
  3. you see “search” option in that app.
  4. Type your needed file and click search.
  5. You first download the torrent file and download the original file.
  6. This is very useful app to you,so install this app and use in your mobile.



  1. Install this app and open.
  2. This app looks like a microscope.
  3. Using this app you can read the newspaper with bold letter.
  4. In this app we can take the photos of the micro scoped page.we can zoom the 5* 15* 20* scope sizes.
  5. This app has light option to use in night and dark area.you enable that light option and use at night and dark area.
  6. This app is very useful to search the small materials you install this app and use it.



Using this app you can visualize the computer in your android mobile and also you can control the PC through your mobile.This app is also used to make our mobile as a secondary display.Now we see how to remote this app.

How to use wireless x display
  1. First download and install wireless x display software in your computer.(I have given the download link of this software at the last of this content click and download)
  2. Likewise download and install this wireless x display app in your mobile (I have given the download link of this app click and download)
  3. Now connect your mobile with computer by using data cable.
  4. First open the software in your computer.
  5. Next open the wireless x display app in your mobile.
  6. Now you can see the computer display in your mobile.
  7. You can easily control the computer using mobile.

Download APP


  1. Using this app you can learn music.
  2. This app has many model drums.
  3. You can select the drums you like and play music.
  4. And also you can save the audio of the drum you use.
  5. You can also create mix audio sounds.
  6. This app is very useful for the drums loves.
  7. Install this app and use it.


Enjoy Folks! :+1:

Friendly Websites

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