$25 GitHub 🔲 Student Developer Pack | Outlook EDU Email French University | Microsoft Office 365, DigitalOcean, Canva, Namecheap, Microsoft Azure, JetBrains, Bootstrap Studio & More

$25 - GitHub Student Developer Pack | Outlook Based EDU Email French University | Microsoft Office 365, DigitalOcean, Canva, Namecheap, Microsoft Azure, JetBrains, Bootstrap Studio & More…

$25 - GitHub Student Developer Pack

Get the best developer tools

There’s no substitute for hands-on experience, but for most students, real-world tools can be cost prohibitive. That’s why we created the Pack with some of our partners and friends, like:

Travis CIHerokuDigital OceanCanva

See what’s in the Pack → (https://education.github.com/pack#offers)

Office 365 will be pre-activated with this edu email | Just log in to https://portal.office.com/

You can apply on these…

There’s more to this…!
Just Google for
edu discountsORedu email benefits
Get more from your edu email! :smirk:

Note: Not every service you find in Google can be verified with this edu email. :drooling_face:

What you will receive from us!

You’ll Receive an Email Ready to use, with Outlook login

University Login URL + Inbox URL + Student Application URL + How to Apply Tips

Mode of payment




Google Pay



Q. What is the name of the university? :upside_down_face:

A. Sorry, we cannot disclose the name/domain or url of the university, you have to purchase & check!

Q. Can I change password & other details?

A. Yes, only password is changeable! Let other details be as it is…

Q. Can I get other product/service benefit/discount using your edu email? :nerd_face:

A. Please, Google it & try on your own! :face_with_monocle:

Refund Policy

No refund policy, because these accounts are private, if you fck up, it means you did something suspicious from University’s end.

  • Still if you get stuck, no problem! I am here to solve your problem.

Note: You will not get refund if the account says password changed or incorrect after a successful login period, because it will be your fault, we never resell same account to anyone, because you already changed the password, how can we resell it? it is you who might have done something that trigger the University about suspicious or fishy activity.


Please PM me so I can send you payment for this! Thanks


@Mr.Brilliant Interested.

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How long does the student status last? Is this lifetime?

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lifetime, sir! :+1:

Is this still available?


@Mr. Brilliant : Interested in this, youtube and gmail drive. Please make a offer.

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All members who are asking for payment details who cannot send PM, due to new account, please check your PMs for the payment details!

Note to other buyers - if you are not an new user, then you can PM me @Mr.Brilliant directly, no need to wait for me to send you PM manually!

Quick response as always and instant delivery.
I create my GitHub student developer account then with this GitHub account I signup in Free JetBrains Product Pack for Students.


Thanks a lot Mr.Brilliant


How can I be in touch with you for that ?

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How can I be in touch with you for that ? Can you pm me when you can ? Thank you.

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@Mr.Brilliant I’m interested and I need this very much!!!
please help

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How to activate JetBRain account?

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Ordered and received account its very fast and reliable service.

In future looking for more offers like this :grinning: specially Trading view offers

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Go to: https://account.jetbrains.com/login
Click the GitHub icon and log in with your GitHub account


Thank you, I did that.it working.


It’s renewable when ends ??

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Thanks a lot, Quick delivery and great service!

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