20000+ edu email

just keep this in mind if u are trying to azure rdp then try to log in to the website with a persistent IP otherwise your subscription will be disabled right to the moment your ipUploading: 20000+ edu email.txt(1)… change and don’t worry most of those are working…20000+ edu email.txt (693.3 KB)


where can i login with these credentials. I tried to search for webmail but couldn’t find one

would u pleas explain more this (just keep this in mind if u are trying to azure rdp then try to log in to the website with a persistent IP) i dont get it

u can use it in outlook.com


i mean if u have to login with same ip address everytime…


Thanks for the share.

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See how you can get $50,000+ of free stuff from an .edu email

correct. i also tried

Did anyone succeed to enroll? In my case, it shows the password is faulty.

Quite interresting. But azure doesn’t accept, at least for the 2 edu mails I tried. Github and aws request ID for registration proof and you get refused if you can’t provide it.

Same with me. But I’ll continue to try. 2000 is huge !

persistent ip?? what do you mean?
most of the people here use broadband and it doesnt have fixed ip as long as i know.

also do mention where exactly we can use them?
what about there inbox? how can we access it?

Most of the password not working …

I can login on some of the accounts but mostly they already blocked to send any emails, because some stupids used the addresses for sending spams…but thanks anyway.

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I’ve been looking for around randomnly but none of them is working for me. As I said 2000 is huge and I can’t check for all of them. May be we’ll get a smart script to run all of check and check what work.


dont worry i will post another 15000 soon…


I logged in one of the mailID, It seems somebody(maye be the real owner) is using it.

And you think we have time to check which one are working ??
let’s say 95% have wrong password.

Then why would u do anything if u are so worried about the time…40% may have changed the password u can say that though…

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