$20 RDP with 16 GB RAM 4 Cores Or More... Exploited RDP Random Expiry Duration | Mostly works for pretty long time

For 20$, you will get a minimum of 16 GB RAM 4 Cores or more (You may receive higher specs depends on our stock)

The other specs of the RDP will be random; 50 GB HDD Space & 100 Mbps of network speed is Minimum Guaranteed! (You may receive higher specs depends on our stock)

The duration/Validity of the RDP will be random. It totally depends on the actual owner of the RDP, if he wants to renew or not, mainly provided RDPs are in common they work for a pretty long time, only if you don’t mess with them.

All RDP comes with 1 Month Warranty!

  • We always create a different user account within the same RDP, so there is significantly less chance that the actual owner of the RDP will get any kind of notification, also won’t notice anything fishy.

For your better understanding

Some servers are meant just for basic stuff like CCTV or SQL DATABASE, so the owner of those servers doesn't use the RDPs frequently like they don't log in every day.


  • RDP will have Full ADMIN ACCESS
  • You can do whatever you want on them, BUT remember it will be an exploited RDP, so don’t delete or modify anything within the RDP.
  • If you keep yourself anonymous, use the RDP & delete your files as soon as your work is done; this way, you won’t lose access to the RDP.

Things you should avoid! :x:

  • Never restart the RDP!
  • Please don’t keep your files for too long; delete them when you’re done!
  • Do not modify any details or move any files or folders!

Mode of payment




Google Pay


PM me for Payment details @Mr.Brilliant as soon as we receive the payment we’ll immediately send you the RDP Credentials.


All RDPs are were well checked before passing it to you & are EXPLOITED with private proxies and recent leaked combo list that are nowhere available + we have a reputed name here on 1Hack we will never resell the same RDP to anyone else here or outside, when we deliver the RDP to you, we immediately remove it from our database. :+1:

As, there will be no replacement given, if you fckup then he must be sharing the RDP with too many people.


Look all these RDPs are EXPLOITED! Yes!

Remember to not do anything that will trigger an alert to the RDP actual owner that something is fishy!

Nothing will happen to you, like police catching your collar or any bullshit. You’re in safe hands!

Final words

  • We do not offer refunds, only replacements! If you act like a 12-year-old kid, you won’t get any relief.
  • It’s an exploited RDP; sometimes shitt happens! If you stay calm, we will give you a replacement :heavy_check_mark:

I want this. Kindly send me payment details.

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