$15 Outlook EDU USA Email ✉ | Amazon Prime Video + Twitch Prime + Canva PRO Owner Team Account + Free Microsoft Office 365 + 1TB OneDrive & More... | PayPal, BHIM / UPI, Paytm, Google Pay, Bitcoin

$15 Outlook EDU USA Email | Amazon Prime Video + Twitch Prime + Canva PRO Owner Team Account + Free Microsoft Office 365 + 1TB OneDrive & More…

Office 365 will be pre-activated with this edu email | Just log in to https://portal.office.com/

You can apply on these…

  • – Microsoft 365 (Free Lifetime with OneDrive 1TB)

  • – Namecheap (1 years .me TLD domain and 1 year SSL Certificate)

  • – Amazon Prime Student + Amazon Photos 6 Months Trial Free (cc required! Don’t worry, your cc won’t be charged)

  • – Canva PRO Owner Team Account (Invite 3000 total students)

  • – Educative (6 Months Validity with 60+ courses)

  • – LastPass 6 Months Free

  • – Spotify/Hulu/Showtime (1 Month Trial After that 50% Discount)

  • – Lucidchart - web-based diagram software and flow chart maker (free)

  • – Roboform Password Manager Free

  • – Vertabelo - Database Modeler (Free)

  • – Dropbox (Extra 500mb)

  • – Notion.so - Notes, Tasks, Wikis (Free)

  • – Audible (Free 1 month Trial)

  • – Adobe Creative Cloud. Get 20+ apps Students and teachers save over 60% OFF

  • – Best Buy (Student Deals & Discounts)

  • – Mindsumo (Get paid to solve problems)




  • – LOOM

  • – AND MORE

There’s more to this…!
Just Google for
edu discountsORedu email benefits
Get more from your edu email! :smirk:

Note: Not every service you find in Google can be verified with this edu email. :drooling_face:

What you will receive from us!

You’ll Receive an Email Ready to use, with Outlook login

University Login URL + Inbox URL + Email Address + Password!

Mode of payment




Google Pay



Q. What is the name of the university? :upside_down_face:

A. Sorry, we cannot disclose the name/domain or url of the university, you have to purchase & check!

Q. Can I change password & other details?

A. Yes, only password is changeable! Let other details be as it is…

Q. Will this work for GitHub Student Pack?

A. No! It will not!

Q. Can I get this product/service benefit/discount using your edu email? :nerd_face:

A. Please, Google it & try on your own! :face_with_monocle:

Refund Policy

No refund policy, because these accounts are private, if you fck up, it means you did something suspicious from University’s end.

  • Still if you get stuck, no problem! I am here to solve your problem.

Note: You will not get refund if the account says password changed or incorrect after a successful login period, because it will be your fault, we never resell same account to anyone, because you already changed the password, how can we resell it? it is you who might have done something that trigger the University about suspicious or fishy activity.


If I purchased this, can I be able to change the password??


Yes, sir! :+1:

We have to use US VPN for these services right?

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How do I purchase?

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Not needed! :+1:


Hi @Mr.Brilliant

I’m really glad that you’ve share this.

one quick question concerning the Canva pro is it life time ?

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let me pm you, im interested in buying


Yes, sir! :+1:

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Uploaded the list! :+1:

The account is legit fresh, do not ever touch the base college account or you will be kicked/banned. Just do whatever you want with your Microsoft mail. As for the edu discounts you can use them as long as you registered as student. I registered Coursera using this edu account and when in verifying stage, i choose myself as alumnus (accidently) and don’t get the benefit as a coursera student account :rofl:


How do I purchase?

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Amazon Prime Video + Twitch Prime

how i can get this??

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You need to apply as Student & provide them your edu email, just Google you will get the url!

Got my account b4 u could say Donald Trump.
Thanks for the excellent service Mr B.

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For OneDrive and Office 365 access how many devices are supported?

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Hi, I’m new user and cannot PM you directly. Would you please make it from your side? I want payment details.

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@Mr.Brilliant Interested.

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please send me the payment details

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