$15 Gmail EDU Email | Unlimited Google Drive + Student Beans + LastPass + Coursera + Envato & More…

$15 Gmail EDU Email | Unlimited Google Drive + Student Beans + LastPass + Coursera + Envato & More…

Office 365 will be pre-activated with this edu email | Just log in to https://portal.office.com/

Currently tested on below products, it works! :+1:

You can apply on these…

  1. Unlimited Google Drive
  2. Student Beans
  3. LastPass
  4. Coursera
  5. Envato
  • – AND MORE

There’s more to this…!
Just Google for
edu discountsORedu email benefits
Get more from your edu email! :smirk:

Note: Not every service you find in Google can be verified with this edu email. :drooling_face:

What you will receive from us!

You’ll Receive an Gmail Email Address with ID & PIN, Simply login with Gmail.com!

Mode of payment




Google Pay



Q. What is the name of the university? :upside_down_face:

A. Sorry, we cannot disclose the name/domain or url of the university, you have to purchase & check!

Q. Can I change password & other details?

A. Yes, only password is changeable! Let other details be as it is…

Q. Will this work for GitHub Student Pack?

A. No! It will not!

Q. Can I get this product/service benefit/discount using your edu email? :nerd_face:

A. Please, Google it & try on your own! :face_with_monocle:

Refund Policy

No refund policy, because these accounts are private, if you fck up, it means you did something suspicious from University’s end.

  • Still if you get stuck, no problem! I am here to solve your problem.

Note: You will not get refund if the account says password changed or incorrect after a successful login period, because it will be your fault, we never resell same account to anyone, because you already changed the password, how can we resell it? it is you who might have done something that trigger the University about suspicious or fishy activity.


Thanks bro Nice Share


@Mr.Brilliant Interested, please inbox me details


@Mr.Brilliant interested please share details in inbox.


Thanks mrbrilliant Its perfectly working.

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Can you install office 365 on PC with this?


Yes, sir! :+1:

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please check pm


Already replied, please check your PM! :+1:

You mean it supports Office 365 desktop version? The A1 subscription didn’t support desktop Office, only the web office.

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This one supports desktop too! :+1:

How do I use Envanto bro?
The mail received was working with only Gdrive and coursera worked.


Soo I’m new here. How do I order these?


Please tell me if the Google Drive space be only for as long as enrolled as a student or even after that ?

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It will be there as long your whole account is active! Probably longer than you expect! :+1:

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Is Coursera plus included in this package?


I too need to know this

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Yes! Trial Subscription you will get on apply!

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