11 Free Programs That Will Help Update Drivers in Windows

I found this article very useful, thought I should share it with you 1Hackers ! :slight_smile:


I got the DriverHub testing now, let’s see how it works! I will update you guys soon…

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Downloaded the rare keyboard, mouse and other peripheral drivers that other same programs showed me up-to-date, but it wasn’t, it’s nice! :slight_smile:



Thanks @TheJoker :+1:

nice app working like charm

Various computer manufactures have their own set of hardwares(e.g. graphics,ram in short the motherboard) and have made softwares that are compatible with the own set of hardware.
These updating softwares update from official site and they never check the hardware settings by the manufacturer. Hence it is totally unreliable to update drivers using third party softwares. If you want to update then use your device’s official website to update them!
I am not saying it will 100% harm your device but you are exposing to risk.


I have talked with intel engineers to confirm updating drivers of windows to reconfirm.


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Yep, you’re quite right! There are other ways to update drivers manually… I will get it posted tomorrow!


Thank you so much bro.

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