$10 off For the 1st year - SimpleLogin Open-source Email Alias Service

SimpleLogin is an open-source email alias service that protects your inbox by using a unique email alias for every website.

Unlimited bandwidth, custom domain, PGP, Yubikey, open roadmap.

Simplelogin has a free plan also that gives you:

  • 15 aliases

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • Unlimited Reply/Send from alias

  • 1 mailbox

  • Browser extensions

  • iOS, Android App

  • Secure your account with TOTP and/or WebAuthn (FIDO)

  • Sign in with SimpleLogin

Premium plan costs 30$ / year and it gives more features then free plan .

Here is the 10$ discount code if you buy it for 1 year. So basically you can get it in 20$ for 1st year by applying code.

10$ Discount Code:- SLPH2021

Website:- Simplelogin

You Should use email alias service to protect your main email from unusual spam mails and also it will prevent your main email from ending up in data breaches.

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