$10 Google Workspace G Suite ☑ + Unlimited Drive Storage + LifeTime + Fully Customizable + Much more | PayPal, BHIM / UPI, Paytm, Google Pay, Bitcoin

The NEW batch arrived at new price > $10 :comet:

:sparkles:The OLD x250 pieces batch will sell out soon, only x22 accounts are left & that batch will be maintained for longer use! :memo:

For $10 you will get new legit .com domain based Google Workspace G Suite account + New Services Enable + Fully Customizable!

NO team drive or shared drive SHITT! :face_vomiting:

Its a Private Account! :sunglasses:

All Features Buyers Been Asking For! :smirk:



It is. Being desirous for providing more high-quality products & we are confident to guarantee that this lasts lifetime.

Subscription will be there for LifeTime on your account, stop asking me same thing in PM over & over again! :face_with_thermometer:

This type of account is much more customizable & have more services enabled then any workspace accounts out there!

No cheap shitt auto-generated domain extensions like… .tk .in .me .xyz domains, etc. These account will have a legit .com extension + registered good score domain!

Account will HAVE following rights!

Unlimited Google Drive, support sharing files :white_check_mark:

Rest of the other G Suite common services that our previous product didn’t had… :tada:

Account will NOT have following rights!

To ensure safety of all member’s account & for longer run we had to specifically restrict access to the following services.

Unlimited creation of shared drive :x:

Gmail :x:

Mode of payment




Google Pay


These details we need from you inorder to proceed delivery!

Attach this details along with your payment screenshot, we will check & deliver you quickly, instead of wasting your time asking for details manually after payment, attach this details too.

[Please give us your First name + Last name & Desire username

(Temporary password will be auto generated no need to provide us…)

It is Required for the buyer to change their temporary password when they first sign in

PM me for Payment details @Mr.Brilliant as soon as I receive the payment & required details for the account registration we will immediately send you the account credentials.

Steps to login

You can Google - "G Suite login"

Or just click the below link


Use the given credentials, that’s it! :white_check_mark:


These accounts are legit :ballot_box_with_check: Not any kinda cheap, hacked or cracked one! :x:

Things you should not do!

Its your private account, do whatever you want to do, just F’ing enjoy! :dancing_women: :dancer:

Refund Policy

No refund policy, because these accounts are private, if you fck up, it means you did something suspicious from Microsoft’s end.

  • Still if you get stuck, no problem! I am here to solve your problem.

You will get an immediate replacement if the account subscription is not there as mentioned.

Note: You will not get refund if the account says password changed or incorrect after a successful login period, because it will be your fault, we never resell same account to anyone, because you already changed the password, how can we resell it? it is you who might have done something that trigger Google Team about suspicious or fishy activity.


This is awesome
Super useful
Thank you so much


Thank you Mr.
You are Brilliant!!!

Account ok.

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kindly pm payment info @Mr.Brilliant


i want buy it but cant see where i can do PM this owner thread


kindly pm payment info


@Mr.Brilliant personal message him


All members who are asking for payment details who cannot send PM, due to new account, please check your PMs for the payment details!

Note to other buyers - if you are not an new user, then you can PM me @Mr.Brilliant directly, no need to wait for me to send you PM manually!

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Got almost all the feature described in thread the admin/seller is super fast delivery and the account is working

Worth the deal

Thank you


Awesome and super fast service here. A reliable seller!


Awesome Deal!

Always liked the quick response from the seller. Purchased an account, all services advertised seems to work. Gdrive is unlimited, you can upload any TB of data. Also we have a genuine .com domain for top notch credibility.

If you are confused whether to buy or not, Please go for it. Worth the amount you pay.

Good Luck!!!


Many thanks to this service. It only got 5 minutes to setup my account. This is a legit .com domain. I will buy again if I need more. :heart_eyes:


where is paypal account


Interested, PM me payment details

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I am off to sleep now, those who have the payment details with them just send me the payment with screenshot along with your PayPal full name, also send me the required details for your product, so that we can deliver your order without wasting any time, all night orders will be done in 9 hours. :zzz: :sleeping: :sleepy: :sleeping_bed:


Worked like a charm! Many thanks @Mr.Brilliant !

Well trusted. I got my account and working well, now i can store how much ever i want :slight_smile:
Thanks @Mr.Brilliant

How to send payment? Please provide details.

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what will be cost of unlimited google drive with fully private account with gmail service and no organization based

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Buenas quisiera comprar pero como enviar una MP ¿?

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