10$ 😱- GitHub Student Accounts | Fully Private Account | Instant access

Get a GitHub Student Pack will all benefits for 10$

What is GitHub Student Pack ?

The GitHub Student Developer Pack is one of the best resources that will get students start out as developers.
Not only do you get free access to all of GitHub’s pro features, such as unlimited private repositories,
you’ll also get access to over 100 different developer tools and courses to keep you busy.

What can I have with it? :heart_eyes: ?

  • 3 free domains for one year
  • Free canva account
  • Free heroku VPS for 2 years
  • Free DEV learning
  • More than 100 other free tools

There is any warranty ?

There is a guarantee , if the account does not work , we will replace it for you.

i will provide accounts in ways:
1.if you want github pack on your personal ,then you need to send your mail and password i will activate github pack for you in a minute.


2. i will give you outlook account .

only PAYPAL accepted.

Disclaimer: Purchase from this seller, at your own risk, as 1Hack will not be responsible for any future loss on any of your willing trades from any “Want To Sell” (WTS) threads.

  • Tips: Ask the seller to provide some sort of middleman service, like escrow.com, for the sake of trade security reason, if the seller cannot abide on this, then 1Hack will suggest you to not trade anything with that specific seller. Good luck! :+1:

Superb offer and Great Experience.
Definitely recommend buying from @astrid01 .The great part is that you can have the GitHub Student Developer Pack on your own GitHub account. Thanks for a great deal!


Excellent offer, finally I was able of getting a GitHub Student Account to have access to the Developer Packs. Really appreciated.

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Free CANVA Account for 2 years?

is it not free with school email ?

Just One year

my github student pack is expired, can you also renew?

Ha will do

How can I buy?

Just purchased Github pack from @astrid01 looks nice!

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how to contact you? I want to buy GitHub student pack

Thanks you so much :heart::heart:
100% real

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Hello I accept BITCOINS also.

Paypal details?

hey guys
only 5 accounts available.
after selling those 5 accounts, i’m gonna close this post.
Thank You.

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Thanks legit Seller and got account in less than 5 minutes thanks @astrid01 bro :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please message me with your paypal-id once.


Well… another thread with Github account… just to refresh everyone memory…here is similar thread

Where author of thread … shared similar post and review… I was also one of the buyer… and I did receive the account… well after 2 weeks… everyone account was suspended including mine… no reply from the author of the thread, and finally thread closed…

So I am not sure how this will go… just a reminder to everyone

Hello mate I also bought from @LiquidGiant
.I’m not him and this is not trick.im using my personal edu mails.thank you.

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